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Enrolling at Bundalaguah Primary School

Transition from Kindergarten to Primary School

Bundalaguah uses an open-door approach to people from the general community. 

Interested parents are encouraged to arrange visits to the school with their child.  Open Days and Orientation sessions are arranged towards the end of each year, but all interested people are asked to call at any time to arrange a visit.



The minimum entry age of Prep grade children is 4.8 years on the first of January.  All children aged six or more must attend school or be receiving approved alternative tuition.

The Department of Health requires that before enrolment is complete, parents must present schools with a School Entry Immunisation Certificate.  This is issued by the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) as a Child History Statement once your child has completed the 4 year old vaccine schedule.  In certain circumstances an alternative School Entry Immunisation Certificate can be obtained from the local shire. 

ACIR can be contacted on 1 800 653 809 if you have not yet received your child’s History Statement or if you need to obtain another copy.



There will be no school for Preps on Wednesdays until after Labour Day long weekend in March.  After this parents have the option of sending their children on Wednesdays or allowing them to stay home for the remainder of Term 1. 

If parents feel their child is not coping with the first few weeks (due to tiredness, hot weather etc.), please talk to the class teacher to arrange earlier pick ups.



As part of a smooth transition from Kindergarten to school,  new Prep children are paired up with a Buddy from an upper grade.  The Buddies support the new children in school activities and help when necessary in the playground.



After a classroom routine has been established, you may be asked as a parent to participate in classroom activities.  Your assistance is part of the learning partnership we have between your child, the teacher, and yourself.  Any parent who wishes to volunteer  is required to  have a current “Working with Children Check”.  Application forms are available from the school office or  Post Office.

Children enjoy seeing you involved in what they are doing.  Classroom activities you may be asked to assist in include special days and events, sporting activities, writing and reading programs, art and craft sessions, Learning Assistance Program and many more.  Your involvement will be greatly appreciated.

New parents are given  a “Buddy” to help them integrate into the school community.



Year 6 children have the opportunity to visit the post primary school of their choice for an information day mid year,  an orientation day in December, and Transition days throughout Terms 3 & 4. 

There are several opportunities during the year for Grade 6 students to participate in activities with other Year 6 students from other rural schools to encourage them to build on friendships prior to Secondary school.
Year seven co-ordinators visit the school to talk to Grade 6 students in Term 4 .



It is helpful for your child to have these skills:



Have several “school lunches” with your child at home. 
Children need practice in handling a lunch box successfully, and experience in pouring from a drink bottle.  Please let the school know if food is returning home untouched.

It is wise to have a medical check up prior to the commencement of school, particularly for sight and hearing.