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Welcome to Bundalaguah Primary Website

Bundalaguah Primary School is a small school in a beautiful rural setting with very spacious grounds. It was opened in 1872 and the Historic Building is still a feature of the school. The school is situated between the towns of Maffra and Sale and offers an alternative to the larger schools in the surrounding area.

The Bundalaguah Primary School Community works towards providing a safe, happy and stimulating environment that encourages students to develop their interpersonal skills and resilience while providing a learning environment that supports them to achieve academic success.

At Bundalaguah the following principles are the foundations used to promote successful lifelong learners and active community members. We believe that for children to develop to their full potential all members of the school community should value and demonstrate the positive habits and mindsets of:

Viv West


Parent Club

Bundalaguah Primary School has a very active Parents Club. 

All parents are invited to be a part of the Parent Club which meets monthly at the school.  Parent Club is a good way to meet and work with other parents, thus developing a ‘community’ feeling within the school.  The Parent Club activities are an integral part of the school that benefits students, staff and parents alike by the purchasing of equipment and subsidising of school activities.

Tuck Shop

Several times a year the Parent Club runs a ‘Tuck Shop’ day.

This gives children the opportunity to ‘buy’ their lunch from a variety of foods donated by each family and heated / served by volunteer parents. Foods offered range from sausages in bread, party pies, sausage rolls, pizzas, quiche followed by sweet food such as cake, muffins, slice, fruit, popcorn, jelly cups etc. Food is ‘sold’ cheaply and change given when necessary, children need approximately $1.00 to buy their lunch. A purse for money and a small plastic bowl or plate to put the food on is encouraged.


School Council

This is an elected body representing the school, parents and community.  School Council meets most months but at least twice a term.  School Council elections are held during March each year.

The School Council and Parent Community are committed to working together for the benefit of the students.

If you are interested in finding out more about the School Council, its role or its members, please feel free to speak to the Principal.

School Hours


9.00 am School commences
9.00am- 11.15am Class time
11.15am- 11.45am
Morning Recess
11.45am - 1.00pm Class time
1.00pm - 1.30pmLunch – Children eat lunch in their room while the teachers read to them.
1.30pm - 3.00pmClass time
3.00pm School finishes
(Prompt collection is appreciated unless prior arrangements are made).


Please note that the official times of school ground supervision are 15 minutes before the morning session and fifteen minutes after the last session.

The playground is supervised at all times during play and lunchtimes.

2015 Term Dates


Term 1 28th January - 27th March
Term 2 13th April - 26th June
Term 3 13th July - 18th September
Term 4 5th October - 18th December



Because of the priority to maximise the opportunities for children, the class sizes at Bundalaguah are kept as small as possible for Literacy and Numeracy.